Combination of energies

Combination of energies

Feng Shui principles : combination of energies

One of the most important principles of Traditional or Classical Feng Shui, quite difficult to understand for beginners, is the combination of energies.

Yllae Feng Shui cumul énergies bambou

Lucky and harmful energies

In Feng Shui, the space around us brings lucky or harmful energies. These energies are identified differently by the 3 systems of Traditionnal Feng Shui*, they involve forms, time, calculated with our birth date or or the date we moved in the building … But in every one of these systems, there are positive and negative energies.

Yllae Feng Shui cumul énergies argent

The positive energies help us feel good, be healthy, have good relationships with family, friends, colleagues, have support do find a job or resolve a conflict, get more money

Yllae Feng Shui cumul énergies maladie

The harmful energies on the other hand take part in our daily issues, minor or more serious : small health problems (cold, sinus…), accidents, administrative problems, communication problems, loss of money savings or earnings, illness, injuries, lawsuit, marital problems, single life…


Combination of energies

As each system analyzes differently our surroundings, it’s common to have a lucky energy from one the of the systems in the same room or the same part of the garden and a harmful energy from one of the other systems. It’s also customary to have a good bedroom location, but a bad bed direction (or the opposite)… It’s not so easy to have a perfect balance between the place and the people 🙂 .

For all these analyses, we need to count both lucky and harmful energies. Beginners can be overwhelmed by the temptation to simplify “ if I have a good energy for the bedroom and a harmful one for the bed direction, they’re neutralized”. But that’s very wrong. The energies in a room (or a garden) act consecutively and do not cancel each other out (except for 4 peculiar cases).


If we think about it, that’s not surprising, and that combination of energies is seen every day in our lives. You can be promoted at work (lucky energy) and have a car crash (harmful energy), or win the lottery (lucky energy) and divorce (bad energy…. or not, your choice J ), or receive some good news and burn a cake…

Yllae Feng Shui cumul énergies divorce

Bad energies always win

That is a direct consequence of the combination, and it should not be a surprise either.

If I go back to the Qi example ( ) compairing air, if we combine fresh and polluted air, the pollution wins over and contaminates the fresh air. As an example, a few liters of pesticides can harm hundreds of gallons of water by seepage into ground waters…. Or too much salt can prevent you from eating, and we all could think about more dangerous products….

Yllae Feng Shui cumul des énergies sel

That’s why the first action of a Feng Shui expert is always to limit harmful energies before searching for lucky energies or a place for water.

I hope to see you soon for new articles 🙂 !

Yllae Feng Shui cumul énergies eau

* Ba Zhai (8 mansions system), San Yuan (3 cycles system), San He (forms system) – more informations here , ,


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