Qi (fundamental energy)

Qi (fundamental energy)

Feng Shui principles : Qi (fundamental energy)


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I wish to start these articles with a series called “Feng Shui principles”. It will give you a hint into definitions and rules of Traditional Feng Shui, which can sometimes seem quite cloudy, complicated, or esoteric to passers by, beginners or the uninitiated. I hope this series of blogs will help you enter the world of Feng Shui easily, and you will want to learn more about it.

For today :

Feng Shui Principles : Qi (fundamental energy)

Qi (pronounced “Tchi”) is the base of Feng Shui, the energy of the earth that influences us, our wellness, our relationships, our activities. Qi is often compared to the wind.

I prefer to compare Qi to the air. When we think about wind, we already have images coming to us, and opinions about the air. Wind can make us think about sand and waves, about napkins flying over a table, about hair flotting in our face, about sports… We often talk about wind related to a movement. What kind of movement ? Air moving.

Now, if I ask you about air, what comes to mind ?

Air is intangible. We breathe without thinking about it most of the time. Air is all around us, oblivious to our age, our culture, our social class, our ideas, our nationality or our skin color. Air is above all tolerant and generous. But sometimes we become aware of it, generally when it is lacking as in confined rooms, or when its components are modified in high altitude, in polluted, dry or humid areas…, or when it is related with a health problem such as asthma, sleeping issues…

When everything is all right, we forget about air. Air brings life (oxygen), sweetness (perfumes) but also death (carbon monoxide) or unpleasantness (odors)…


We find it in numerous french expressions, indicating uneasiness “je manque d’air, il a l’air malade, j’ai besoin d’air, ils me pompent l’air…”

Or in wellness promises : « un bol d’air pur, une ballade au grand air, le bon air de la campagne, elle a l’air heureuse (ou l’air heureux ?!)… »


Feng Shui Qi is very close… it can bring good or harmful energies. Qi does not care about who you are or what is your job, it’s not visible nor noticeable. Chinese people talk of a dozen different Qi* to determine the weather, the climate of a region, the way of talking, a person’s character …

I like this vision of the world around us. I find it reassuring to know that we can understand the mechanisms and act. What about you ?

Leave me your opinion in the comments.

* Source “La souplesse du dragon” from Cyrille Javary.

Crédits photos : Pixabay

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